Top 10 Ancient Aztec and Mayan Tourist Attractions  

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6) Tulum

Tulum photo

Photo by Alaskan Dude

Located only about 25 miles from Coba is another interesting Mayan site.  Tulum was once a walled city that served as an important trade port and facilitated the trade of goods among many pre-Colombian cultures.  These goods ranged from obsidian to precious metals, which helped to transform the city into one of the richest in the area.  Ruins such as those of the Great Palace, a temple, and the city wall itself serve as reminders of the city’s once vital importance. A big bonus of this location is that it is located right next to a beautiful beach.

7) Calixtlahuaca

Calixtlahuaca photo

Photo by liberalmind1012

This is one of the oldest cities to ever be unearthed in Central America.  Researchers believe that the inhabitants were early nomadic tribesmen who settled the area in around 500BC.   From that point on, it was continuously inhabited and later was absorbed into the Aztec Empire before finally gaining  a degree of independence and then finally collapsing. The most famous part of the city is an altar covered in stone skulls. The ruins today are located near the city of Toluca in present day Mexico.

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 8) El Tepozteco

This archaeological site is located in an isolated part of the state of Morelos in Mexico.  It was believed to have once been an Aztec city and features an Aztec religious temple prominently located on the top of a hill.  While the site isn’t very accessible, more adventurous tourists make the trek each year to enjoy seeing the ruins.

9) Izapa

Izapa photo

Photo by @eduardorobles

These ruins are the largest Mayan site in all of Chiapas.  The area was once a thriving cacao producing region that was of vital importance to both the Mayans and later the Aztecs.  The site is famous for its unique art, including altars that resemble frogs.

10) Yaxchilan

This Mayan city was once an economic rival of nearby Palenque and today features numerous ruined structures of historical importance, including an acropolis,a plaza, and dozens of other smaller sites dotting the area.

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