Top 10 Attractions of the Caribbean

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6) Cayman Islands

cayman photo

Photo by SF Brit

Pirates, including Blackbeard, loved the hidden coves and caves of the Caymans. Each year in the fall, Pirates Week remembers famous first residents of the Caymans. Music, street dancing, food vendors, and parades celebrate the marauding history of the islands.

7) Toro Verde National Park, Puerto Rico

zipline puerto photo

Photo by brianholsclaw



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Ready to face the Beast? Toro Verde National Park in Puerto Rico is home to La Beastia, a world-famous zip line. 853 feet high in some points and nearly a mile long, it is a true thrill ride. The unique harness allows people to lay flat and ‘soar’ over the rainforest below.

8) Curacao

Curacao photo

Photo by Navin75

Worried about hurricanes ruining your vacation? Head off to Curacao, which is located outside of the hurricane belt. Noted for fantastic dive sites like the famous Mushroom Gardens, Curacao is an underwater jewel.

9) Bermuda

bermuda photo

Photo by FlyNutAA

Relax on pink sand under warm sun. Bermuda beaches are colored pink due to tiny dead organisms that color the sands. Wash off the sand and head to high tea since this is a British Commonwealth.

10) Nassau, Bahamas

Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, is a must for Caribbean visitors with its world-famous straw market. Here visitors can elbow through crowded stalls bulging with handmade goods. Handmade baskets, jewelry boxes and palm frond fans are very popular with tourists. Haggling at the market is not only common, but expected.

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