Top 10 Christmas Markets in the World

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6) Quebec City

With its cobblestone streets and warm shops that resemble turn of the century cottages, the Vieux Quebec market looks like something from a Thomas Kincade painting.  The amazing European inspired delicacies and old fashioned decorations help to create a distinctive atmosphere that is simply unparalleled by other markets around the world.

7) Brussels

Brussels christmas market photo

Photo by garybembridge

The Christmas market in Belgium’s capital city is new, having only been established in 2004.  Nonetheless, its location by the historic  Grand Place surrounded by magnificent guildhalls and lavish shops have transformed it into one of the most popular markets in all of Europe.

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8) Dublin

The Irish are known for their celebrations and Christmas is no exception. The Docklands of Dublin are transformed into a three week marketplace during the month of December where Germany and Irish vendors offer up unique delicacies and gifts for visitors.  The air is rich with the aroma of sausage, beer, and roasted nuts, while traditional music keeps the partygoers entertained.

9) Prague

prague christmas market photo

Photo by Ullisan

Open air concerts, old fashioned vending booths, and lavish decorations help to transform the Old Town Square into one of the premier Christmas markets in Europe.   With a healthy mix of the traditional and new, visitors of all ages will find much to enjoy in this capital city of the Czech Republic. 

10) Leipzig

Leipzig christmas market photo

Photo by Zygia

Dating back to the 15th century, this massive market located in the German city’s historic centre offers over two hundred stalls filled with gifts and seasonal delicacies.  The size of this market is quite daunting, but the laid back atmosphere and friendly vendors make visiting there one of the best experiences to have during the Christmas season.

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  1. Joanne says:

    I’ve been to the Strasbourg Christmas market. It is incredible!

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