Top 10 Cities Featured in Video Game That You Can Visit in Real Life

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Video games can take us away to fantastic locations that defy convention from fictional cities to entirely new planets. All humans share an adventurous spirit and the imagination of the developer is the sole limit to how a video game environment can allow us to indulge that spirit. Not all video games have to invent new locations to reach out and grab us; numerous successful titles have looked to our very own home planet for real-life locations to set their games in. Familiar locations can push the envelope of realism and make a game more immerse and for those of you looking to combine that adventurous spirit with a love of video games; here is our top 10 cities in video game that you can visit in real life.

10) Los Angeles, USA

los angeles skyscraper photo

Photo by Sam Howzit


(Grand Theft Auto V)

Located on the Pacific coast of the United States, Los Angeles or the “City of Angels” is considered to be a worldwide “city of dreams” where careers and entire lives could be started anew. Growing to the second-largest city in the United States during the latter half of the twentieth century, Los Angeles is most famous for a small section of its center known as “Hollywood” – the world’s entertainment capital with hundreds of movie production companies, famous theaters, recording studios, and modeling agencies – attracting hopeful actors and singers from around the globe.  Almost as famous for air pollution, traffic congestion, and racial tensions, Los Angeles has been the location for numerous video games such as L.A. Noire, Grand Theft Auto V, and Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Double Agent.

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9) Prague, Czech Republic

prague photo

Photo by Moyan_Brenn


(Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3)

Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic and the fourteenth largest city in the European Union. Currently known for being a political and cultural center for Europe, it’s equally famous for its plethora of Gothic architecture and Renaissance artworks. It’s an exotic and atmospheric location and has been the setting for many video games as a result such as Modern Warfare 3, The Art of Flight, and Vampire: The Masquerade.

8) Cairo, Egypt

sphinx photo

Photo by watchsmart


(Tomb Raider IV)

Cairo, the capital of Egypt and largest city in Africa with a population of nearly 18 million, is located in and around many ancient cities replete with fantastic historical ruins such as Memphis, Giza, and Fustat. The pyramids and the Great Sphinx are just a few of the ancient monuments that can be seen in and around the greater Cairo area that have been meticulously modeled in video games such as the Tomb Raider series, Stuntman, and various Command & Conquer installments.

7)Florence, Italy

florence duomo photo

Photo by alh1


(Assasins Creed 2)

The capital city of the Tuscany region of Italy, Florence is most famous for being the birthplace of the Renaissance and home to many great artists such as Donatello, Michelangelo, and Botticelli. It’s almost equally famous, at least to gamers anyway, as the setting for the hugely popular Assassins Creed 2 video game and players are treated to some of the city’s most famous landmarks rendered in remarkable detail such as the Palazzo Pitti and the Piazza Della Signorio.

6) Tokyo, Japan

crab tokyo photo

Photo by TenSafeFrogs


(Yakuza 2)

Historically shaped by rivers, floods, and fires, Japan’s capital city has a reputation as a confusing jumble of small alleys and streets, neon lights, and hordes of people crowding the streets 24 hours a day which is easily understandable when you consider Tokyo is the most populous city in the world with over 37 million living in an area only 5,200 miles square, making it one of the densest of the mega-cities. Tokyo is considered an eastern wonderland of shopping, entertainment, and culture so no wonder it’s also featured in numerous video games such as the Yakuza series, Tekken 4, and Kane & Lynch: Dead Men. It’s also worth noting that Tokyo is considered the capital of urban street racing so numerous racing-themed video games such as Need for Speed: Pro Street, several Gran Turismo titles, and the Tokyo Xtreme Racer series take place in and around Tokyo.

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