Top 10 Experiences in Eastern and Central Europe

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6) Botel Marina: Bratislava, Slovakia

Botel Marina is a boat hotel that has been permanently docked on the Danube. Rooms offer a unique atmosphere and romantic views of the river. The included breakfast is served on the upper deck overlooking the Danube, really excellent, full breakfast, with eggs, meat, etc.

7) Rakia and Schnapps: Sampling local alcohol

rakia  photo

Photo by ♔ Georgie R

Most Eastern/ Central European countries possess some type of locally made fruit brandy—sometimes called rakia and sometimes called schnapps. It is incredibly fresh and delicious and should not be missed. 

8) Diocletian’s Palace : Split, Croatia

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This ancient Roman palace turned marketplace is unbelievably old and yet has been incorporated into the life of the Croatians and those who visit as a hubbub of shops and restaurants.

9) Bridge of Freedom: Walk from Slovakia to Austria

walk Slovakia photo

Photo by Kurayba

A symbolic bridge that literally allows one to walk across borders. It’s interesting to note that when the government of Slovakia decided to run an internet poll to decide on the name of the new bridge, the poll spread virally and “Chuck Norris” was the clear winner. Slovak officials decided to go against naming the bridge based on the vote. We are just as surprised as you that Chuck Norris didn’t manage to win in the end!

10) Mali Medo—brewery in Zagreb, Croatia

med vergad photo

Photo by ironypoisoning

Truly some of the best beer I’ve ever had (and certainly one of the most generous portions), this brewery in Zagreb is full of old-world charm. Almost everything inside is made of warm, dark wood. The food is very hearty (stroganoffs, potatoes, etc.) and helps you throw back the huge portions of beer.

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Written by: Laney Lenox

Laney recently graduated from college with a degree in Peace Studies and is working as a freelance writer, specializing in travel. She is moving to Galway, Ireland in January where she will be working for a literary review. Someday, she hopes to use her passion for writing in the field of conflict resolution.


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