Top 10 Helsinki Attractions On and Off the Beaten Path

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6) Namaskaar India Express

namaskaar photo

Photo by wstryder

Yes, I know, this is not a cultural giant here, this is not even the actual Namaskaar sit down location which is well worth a visit. This is any one of several hole in the wall outposts that serve the damn fine food produced in Namaskaar’s kitchen for a song of a price.  My favorite location is on Alexandrin Katu.  I would regularly over eat here and spoil my appetite for dinner.

7) Café Tin Tin Tango

cafe  photo

Photo by jacilluch

Another institution of the Toolo neighborhood is located only a few blocks from the hangover food stand. Café TinTin Tango is a fine cafe with a constant stream of tango music and walls adorned with everything Tintin.  In addition to all of that, there are laundry facilities in the back and a sauna in case you don’t have one in your apartment.  Full service!

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Mannerheimintie photo

Photo by Jorge Lascar

The heart of downtown Helsinki has two main streets and you ought to walk down both of them to get a feel the place.  The first street, Mannerheimintie, is named after modern Finland’s founding father, Marshall Mannerheimin, who deftly navigated Finland between several geopolitical rocks and hard places in order to preserve Finnish independence.  Major not-to-be-missed sites on this road are the beautiful Parliement Building, the Aalto designed Finlandia concert hall, and the beautiful Finnish art deco train station with its characteristic granite, light bearing statues serving as stony sentinels at the entrance.

9) Aleksanterinkatu

Aleksanterinkatu photo

Photo by hanspoldoja

Aleksanterinkatu, or Alexander St., meets Mannerheimintie right at Stockmann’s.  Having been in Helsinki during the winter, one of the most impressive features of the sidewalks are that they are heated and thus never collect snow and ice!  You’ll want to stroll down this street until you reach the Senate Square that prominently features a statue of Alexander II, the Tsar who gave Finland autonomy.  This area is home to many important and beautiful Russian neoclassical buildings.  For a good cup of tea and spot to read a book, stop by Café Engel, named after an architect, not to be confused with Café Engels of Marx and Engels fame.

10)Helsinki Cathedral

Helsinki Cathedral photo

Photo by izik

One of the most famous buildings in the Finnish capital is the beautiful, green domed, neoclassical, Helsinki Cathedral, located up a hill in the center of Alexander square. There is always something happening here, especially musically.  Chances are good that you will catch some kind of music simply by popping in any day of the week.

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