Top 10 Hobbit and Lord Of the Rings Destinations in New Zealand

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5) Edoras, Mount Sunday, South Island.

mount sunday photo

Photo by PhillipC

The capital city of the Rohan people may be long gone but any fan will still be awed by the breathtaking beauty of this location, complete with clear blue water and crisp mountain air. Hike up here yourself (approximately 2 hours) or book a tour that will include specific information about the location.

4) Hobbit Motel- Woodlyn Park, Waitomo Caves

hobbit hotel photo

Photo by fletchy182

After visiting Hobbiton(our number 1 destination) surely you will feel like you want to become a hobbit yourself. Thankfully, you can spend a night sleeping in a hobbit hole. Buried in the ground and with grass roofs, these rooms come equipped with kitchens so you can cook your very own Hobbit feast. The hobbit motel at Woodlyn Park is the closest you will ever get to being in middle earth!

3) Hobbiton Woods- Mount Victoria, Wellington.

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mount victoria  photo

Photo by Arbron

The magic of film means that Hobbiton Shire and Hobbiton Woods were filmed in two completely different locations (hours apart) but are seamlessly merged together in the movie. The forest area of Mount Victoria, close to Wellington City centre, was the location of Hobbiton Wood. The forest is easily accessible from the lookout. Click here  for directions.

2) Weta Workshop, Wellington.

Book a Weta Workshop tour and learn exactly how Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit came to life. You’ll be privy to the creative process and exclusive behind the scenes footage. Afterwards stop in at the Weta Cave; buy yourself a souvenir and have your photo taken with one of the life like models from the movie. Take your pick from Gollum, Gandolf, an Orc or Trolls. The tour is 45 minutes however, if you choose the option that includes a return trip from Wellington city centre allow two and a half hours. Bookings are highly recommended.

1) Hobbiton – Matama, North Island.

hobbiton photo

Photo by Kiwi Tom

While the majority of the locations show no sign of filming, Hobbiton is still fully intact (and will remain so). Walking into Hobbiton, you will forget that you are on private farmland in the middle of New Zealand’s North Island and, as cliche as it sounds, will be transported to The Shire. Guided Tours take two hours and will give you an in depth understanding of this famous filming location. Set aside half a day to a day, including travel time, for this location. When you visit Hobbiton make sure to have a drink at the Green Dragon Inn and try something from the Hobbit inspired menu. You can either drive to Hobbiton or be transported (as part of the tour) from a nearby centre. For more information visit the official hobbiton tours website.

For a comprehensive list of hiking trails based on filming locations, with GPS co-ordinates click here.

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