Top 10 Kentucky Haunted Attractions

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The land which the Native Americans referred to as a “dark and bloody ground” has quite a few supernatural locations for ghost hunters and others who seek out the thrill of haunted attractions.  While Kentucky is better known for its college basketball team and horses, like every state there are dark corners within it that hide many terrible secrets.  Some believe that certain houses and buildings within the Bluegrass State shelter the souls of the departed, who still roam the halls each night.  Whatever the case may be, taking a ghostly tour of Kentucky has never been easier than before, as these top haunted Attractions prove there is more than enough haunts to keep even the most energetic of ghost hunters busy.

10) The Seelbach Hilton Hotel of Louisville

Seelbach Hilton  photo

Photo by Alan Light

This luxurious hotel was built in 1905 and has served as the setting for numerous movies including The Great Gatsby.  According to the legend, a woman named Patricia Wilson committed suicide there by jumping down an elevator shaft.  She had recently learned that her fiance had been killed in a car wreck and became so distraught that she killed herself.  Reports began emerging shortly after her death of strange noises and sightings both in the hallways and the room where Ms Wilson had stayed shortly before her death.  The hauntings continue to this day and  rooms can still be booked at this one-of-a-kind Louisville hotel.

9) Perryville Battlefield State Historic Park

Perryville Battlefield  photo

Photo by Navin75

The Battle of Perryville was the single bloodiest conflict in the state of Kentucky during the Civil War.  Over 1300 men lost their lives during the one day event.  It isn’t any wonder then that there are so many reports in and around the battlefield of apparitions and strange noises.  In fact, the Battlefield has been featured on prominent ghost hunting shows and ghost walk tours are available at certain times throughout the year.

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8) Mammoth Cave National Park

 Mammoth Cave National Park photo

Photo by Jeff Kubina

Having been discovered by prehistoric Native Americans and then early white settlers, this massive cave system has no doubt served as a burying ground, shelter, and home for countless people throughout the centuries.  It isn’t any wonder then that many visitors report seeing ghostly apparitions and hearing strange noises, which can be absolutely terrifying in the acoustic caverns within. This is also featured in our  top 10 tourist attractions of Kentucky.

7) Bobby Mackey’s Music World

ghost woman photo

Photo by Bazule

Located in Newport, Kentucky, this bar has often been described as the most haunted nightclub in all of America.  It was once the location of a slaughterhouse where thousands of animals met their doom.  Reports of a headless woman who was killed during a satanic ritual have been reported by visitors, who say that she is accompanied by two other ghostly figures. 

6) Hayswood Hospital

ghost kid photo

Photo by Dani_vr

The Hayswood Hospital building was built in the 1920s as a local hospital to serve the needs of the population of Maysville, Kentucky.  It was closed in 1983 so that a newer facility could be built nearby.  Since then, the building has fallen into disrepair, but that hasn’t stopped motivated ghost hunters from seeking it out.  In fact, the building is considered one of the most haunted places in the region, even being featured on television shows. Visitors report hearing babies cry, and some have even seen an apparition of a woman carrying a crying infant through the halls of the facility.

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