Top 10 New Year’s Eve Destinations  

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Nearly every culture throughout the world celebrates the beginning of the New Year in some way.  This has been the case for centuries in most countries.  So it isn’t surprising that ringing in the New Year has transformed into a festive event, where the special occasion is marked by parties and other gatherings, both public and private.  Nevertheless, some cities have raised the bar when it comes to New Year’s Eve parties and that has earned them the distinction of being the top destinations for travelers during that time of the year. Here is our top 10 New Year’s eve destinations :

1) New York City, USA

Everyone deserves at least once chance to kick off the New Year in style with a visit to the Big Apple.  There just simply isn’t any other destination that can match everything that New York City has to offer, from the amazing parties and clubs to the Times Square ball drop, if you’re interested in having a great time well into the early morning hours, then this is your best destination.

2)Valparaiso, Chile

Valparaiso new years photo

Photo by Dave_B_

Most people haven’t even heard of this seaport town located approximately seventy miles north of the capital Santiago.  Yet the largest New Year’s Eve celebration in all of Latin America takes place each year in Valparaiso, where a night of partying along the world class beach is capped off with a thirty minute fireworks show.

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3) Las Vegas, USA

An estimated quarter million people flock to Las Vegas to celebrate the beginning of the New Year.  Regardless of whether you want to get down and dirty in one of the many strip clubs in the city or simply spend the night partying away with friends at a popular nightclub, there’s always something to do in Vegas.  The wonderful fireworks display produced by Strip casinos help to make it a night you won’t ever forget.

4) Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik new years photo

Photo by hood.jonathan

Given its relatively small size, one wouldn’t expect this Icelandic city to have much of a nightlife.  Fortunately, it has grown in the last few years into one of the biggest party hubs in all of Europe.  During New Year’s Eve, the city is dotted with community bonfires, small public parties, and other events to help kick off the new year.   With renowned restaurants and shops, you can’t go wrong by visiting Reykjavik.

5) Berlin, Germany

berlin new years photo

Photo by JasonParis

Well over a million visitors each year make the trek to this German city for a night of hedonistic partying along the stretch of road that connects Brandenburg Gate to Victory Column.  Endless beer and food, as well as live bands and fireworks create a one-of-a-kind party atmosphere.

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