Top 10 New Year’s Eve Destinations  

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6) Napa Valley, USA

napa valley hotel photo

Photo by Sarah_Ackerman

This valley, famous for its wineries and restaurants, is a perfect spot for a low-key celebration.  For those who wish to make the New Year a more intimate occasion, nothing works better than a meal at one of the area’s finest eateries and then an evening sipping wine by a private fireplace in a local luxury inn.

7) Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava new years photo

Photo by amneziak

In this eastern European city, the focus is always on having a good time with friends and family.  During New Year’s Eve, Bratislava comes alive with a celebration in the city’s Old Town, adjacent to the many medieval buildings that still stand tall today.  Dance parties, live concerts, and friendly vendors help to make it a welcoming city for the tourist looking for a quaint but fun destination.

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8) New Orleans, USA

new orleans new years photo

Photo by Editor B

People in The Big Easy aren’t strangers to partying and during the New Year’s Eve the city of New Orleans transforms itself into one big party along Bourbon Street.  With quality restaurants within walking distance of your hotel, you’ll also be able to enjoy a luxurious meal without having to spend a lot of money.  To finish the evening in style, take a cruise along the Mississippi in one of the old-fashioned steamboats available and see the amazing fireworks display that the city produces every year.

9) Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh new years photo

Photo by photojenni

The New Year’s Eve celebration is taken so seriously in this Scottish city that the party lasts a total of four days.  Events include a torchlight parade through the historic part of the city, as well as a huge party that covers several square blocks and offers visitors the chance to consume all the traditional Scottish cuisine, whisky, and beer that they could possibly want.

10) Vienna, Austria

vienna new years photo

Photo by Anna & Michal

A world-class city like Vienna is sure to have its own unique approach to ringing in the New Year.  Unlike other cities that celebrate with large, outdoor parties, Vienna is more famous for its low-key balls and galas that take place each year.  This is the best choice for those who yearn for a more sophisticated approach to partying, but still want to indulge in the usual festivities, alcohol, and treats.

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