Top 10 New York City Tourist Attractions

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According to a recent article by Forbes, New York City is one of the most popular destinations in the world, beating out several historical cities including Rome, Vienna, and Tokyo.  Each year, millions of tourists visit The Big Apple in order to see many of the countless, one-of-a-kind attractions that are available for visitors to enjoy.  There are so many different things to do in the city, that it is nearly impossible to take in all the entertainment with just one visit.  Fortunately, the list of attractions can be narrowed down to ten that every tourist should see at least once during their trip to New York City.

1) The Empire State Building 

empire state building photo

Photo by Ivo Jansch

Built during the skyscraper-building craze in the early 1930s, The Empire State Building was the world’s tallest structure for more than forty years, before being bested by the World Trade Center.  Today, it is still one of the world’s tallest buildings at over 1450 feet in height.  The building’s unique architectural design and amazing 360 degree observation decks make it one of the most popular attractions in the city, as it offers a view of New York that is simply unparalleled by anything else available.

2) The Statue of Liberty 

This is perhaps the most iconic structure in the entire city.  Given as a gift in 1886 to the United States from the people of France, it was erected on nearby Liberty Island, where it remains today as a national monument.  The structure is over 300 feet tall and is accessible by tourists. If you are on a budget you can take the free Staten Island Ferry.

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3) Central Park 

central park new york photo

Photo by Trodel

This urban park has been the setting for countless Hollywood movies and continues to be a popular place to visit, not only for the city’s residents but for millions of tourists as well.  The 843 acre park features dozens of walk bridges, fountains, and trails that lure visitors each day.  There’s always something exciting happening in the park, so it isn’t any wonder why so many seek it out as a destination during their trip to the city.

4) Metropolitan Museum of Art 

Metropolitan Museum of Art photo

Photo by Phil Roeder

This museum of art is widely considered one of the best in all the world, due to its amazing collection of over two million pieces ranging from antiquity up to the modern era.  Regardless of what kind of art you may be interested in seeing, from classical Egyptian artifacts to renaissance European paintings, you’ll find collections of interest at this one-of-a-kind museum.  Best of all, admission only costs what you’re willing to pay. 

5) Times Square 

This neighborhood is the commercial heart of the city, located in downtown Manhattan.  Famous for its vibrant billboard advertising and shops, it has became one of the most popular destinations not only of  the city, but also in the world.  

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