Top 10 Tips To Stay Healthy While Traveling

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One of the most anticipated events of the year is a holiday so enjoying it is vital. There’s nothing worse than falling ill so here’s the top 10 tips to stay healthy while traveling, so you have a great time wherever the destination.

1) Check your vaccination requirements before you go

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Getting holiday vaccinations helps prevent some of the infectious diseases that lurk overseas. Book an appointment with your travel clinic or doctor at least 6 weeks before travelling to discuss what vaccinations you need. Don’t forget to check for malaria prophylaxis too which is essential for many parts of Latin America, Africa and Asia.

2) Wash your hands

Keeping your hands clean on vacation will help prevent stomach upsets and other infections. Make sure your hands are washed after using the loo and before eating. Don’t forget that walking around dusty souks and touching things like the internet café keyboard can be dirty. Keep your hands away from your mouth and keep them clean.

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3) Drink water

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Many holiday destinations are in hot climates and it is easy to get dehydrated quickly. Make sure that you drink at least 2 litres of water daily. If your pee is a dark yellow colour you need more water. This is particularly important for anyone exercising in the heat such as a walking holiday as water is lost through the body a lot faster. In some countries the tap water is unsafe to drink so stick to the bottled variety or use iodine tablets to purify it.

4) Beware of the shoes

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Shoes can harbour a surprising amount of germs so do make sure they are packed in shoe bags and not with food items. Just think about where a shoe spends its day from a squat toilet to a market and you’ll get an idea. If you are camping, store shoes in the outer flap of a tent so they don’t contaminate bedding and potentially your mouth.

5) Can you peel, boil or wash it?

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Fruit and vegetables need to be peeled or washed. In some countries they are likely to be covered in pesticides or night soil, and may have even had animals running over them. For similar reasons avoid salads unless they have been washed.

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