Top 10 Tips To Stay Healthy While Traveling

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6) Eat Local

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One of the joys of travelling is to taste new foods and there is nothing better than locally produced delicacies. Look for foods that are cooked quickly over heat and avoid those that have been out in the sun for a while or are served buffet style. Some of the latter tend to cool down and attract flies which leads to food poisoning. Looking for where the locals eat is a good way to find great food when on holiday.

7) Watch the sun

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Make sure you use sun cream and a sun hat when out in the sunshine. Avoiding sunburn is important as it can be really painful but can also lead to skin cancer in later years. A sun hat will help avoid sunstroke.

8) Don’t get bitten

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Covering up with long sleeves and trousers in the evenings and early morning helps avoid mosquito bites. These bugs carry malaria as well as dengue fever and West Nile fever so avoiding bites is essential. Using a mosquito net and DEET repellent is also effective at preventing bites.

9) Avoid ice

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Ice can sometimes be made with tap water in some developing countries and once it hits your drink you may get an infection. Decline ice in drinks unless you are sure the water has come from a purified source.

10) Don’t forget to rest

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You are on holiday and it is important to get some sleep, rest and relaxation. Take a day or two to chill out and ideally be technology free. This helps you unwind and avoids being run down and overloaded with things. You’ll return to work feeling healthy and refreshed as a result.

To stay healthy on holiday follow these simple rules. You’ll enjoy seeing a new destination and feel healthier and relaxed.

Submitted by: Rachael Rowe. Rachael is a freelance travel writer based in South West England


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