Top 10 Tips for Traveling with Pets

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Many people choose to travel with their pets; after all, for most of us they are part of the family. With ever increasing kennel costs and additional fees tacked on to even take your animals outside for exercise; the decision might also be a financial matter. Whatever your reasons are for bringing along your furry friend, there are many things you can do to make sure your traveling experiences with your favorite companion go smoothly. To help you here is our top 10 tips for traveling with pets :

1) Bring All of the Essentials

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Food may be a no-brainer when you’re making your packing list, but also make sure you have any medications your pets need and enough to cover the entire length of time you will be gone. A jug of water is also a nice addition so you don’t have to resort to buying bottles of Aquafina at the gas station for your pooch to slobber in.

2) Invest in a Collapsible Bowls

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Rather than bringing the fragile ceramic bowls you have at home, invest in a couple collapsible bowls. They are inexpensive, lightweight, and relatively indestructible. They can usually be found in the Tupperware section at any major store or at a pet store.

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3) Plan Your Overnight Stops and Travel Arrangements Ahead of Time

Many hotels do not accept pets, which can lead to a stressful end of the day if you’re exhausted and need to pull over for rest. Call ahead and make sure the hotel you are staying at is pet friendly and if there are any related fees. There are great websites, such as, that can also be used to find a pet friendly hotel in the area you will be headed. It’s also important to check with airlines and train companies before leaving because many of them require advanced reservation for pets and even may not accept any pets on certain routes.

4) Have a Copy of all Vaccinations

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This advice is especially important if you are traveling internationally. Make sure your pets are up to date on all required vaccinations for your destination; otherwise your pet may quarantined at the border. Even if you are not crossing the border, some hotels that are pet friendly require proof of vaccination before they will allow your pet to stay.

5) Know Your Vets Number

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In case you forgot your vaccination certificates, having your vet’s number stored in your phone is an easy way to make sure you can contact them for any documentation needed at your destination. It can also come in handy if you forgot medication while on the road. Many vet offices will fax copies of records and prescriptions to those asking for the information.

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