Top 10 Ways Cruises Are a Break From Reality

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5) Feel rich

You can feel like a wealthy individual for a week. I don’t know what it feels like to be rich, but it must be similar to being on a cruise, where drinks are brought to you, messy rooms cleaned for you, and no schedule to adhere to.

4) Food selection

buffet photo

Photo by águahotels

Unless you have a professional chef living in your home, you will be super impressed with the food selection. The dinners are great and the selection throughout the day is impressive. The breakfast offerings may actually be my favorite.

3) Your vacation doesn’t go by too fast

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schedule photo

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Time just drifts by slowly. Since you are not rushing around wildly like back in the real world, time does not slip away. A vacation always goes by too quickly, but if you just relax and focus on each moment of fun you will find each day full of all the time you need.

2) Happy Atmosphere

cruise party photo

Photo by Philip Larson

Everyone is in a great mood. It is rare to see anyone not enjoying themselves on a cruise. With all your needs attended to, what is there to be grumpy about?

1) No pressure

relaxing cruise photo

Photo by _dChris

There is no pressure to do anything. No work, no household chores, and nowhere to be. An experience that relieves all pressure to be or do anything outside of your own desires is priceless.

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